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9-9 BIS Café Rando Patrimoine Darrow

A little story

The studio has designed an interior project dedicated to public reception, the Café Rando Patrimoine, in the former Nord mine: the “9-9 Bis” pit. Today, the basic trends linked to consumption, ecology, reuse and recycling are of particular concern to us. We wished to bring visitors a new eye through interior design: from conception, creation of furniture to interior decoration. By integrating the elements that make up our region (Hauts-de-France), the combinations for designing space are infinite. We have reused in a modern way the blue overalls workwear, bricks and stones that make up our slag heaps. These materials, true symbols of reuse, allow us to promote the values of the ALL brand in a modern way.

The designer's word

designer français lille paris bretagne

"Our creative philosophy is to reuse".

Hugo Traforetti

9-9 BIS Café Rando Patrimoine Darrow

Description of the project

Symbol of conviviality and sharing, we have imagined a large table and custom-made seating, which represent the central element of this living space. The shape of the table adapts itself to the place, while softly. It creates a path that unconsciously reminds us of a notion of “circuit”, in reference to the surrounding walks. More than a reception room, we develop a logic of “living space” in this space. Once the season is over, all the people present on the 9-9 bis site will be able to take advantage of this space for meetings, lunch breaks or even interviews and appointments. The work of Nicolas Kfoury, a wonderful illustration of the heritage, give life to the whole place.

9-9 BIS Café Rando Patrimoine Darrow


9-9 BIS Café Rando Patrimoine Darrow


Café Rando Patrimoine


9-9 Bis, Oignies, Hauts-de-France

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