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A little story

I am Isaure, from the new generation of “little everyday heroes”! A gloomy atmosphere on bad days, your objects whisper in my ear that they would like to be looked at more. Armed with my cape and my super power, I am the little hero who brings them to light!

The designer's word

designer français lille paris bretagne

"I have been very inspired by the display of art works in museums".

Hugo Traforetti

Description of the project

Our thinking in the design of these products is above all the play of light: targeted, directed.

The Isaure lighting collection is discreet and compact, thanks to the finesse of its structure and its lampshade. The use of marble, white or black, gives this collection a chic and refined touch.

Each product in the collection, whether a reading lamp, wall lamp or table lamp, offers directional lighting thanks to its cylindrical lampshade on its axis of rotation.
These products are an obvious part of the AM.PM brand’s collection plan.

For an intimate reading or simply to highlight your favourite objects!

Photo credits: La Redoute



Brass metal (epoxy, electrolysis), White or black marble

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