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A little story

My grandfather was the banking icon in the 1930’s. You’ve probably already seen his picture!
I am the youngest member of the family, born in 2019. I want to pay tribute to him today, keeping his uniform of the time with my little touch of modern style.

The designer's word

designer français lille paris bretagne

"The bank lamp of the 30's, revisited version."

Hugo Traforetti

Description of the project

This collection is influenced by the famous iconic bank lamp of the 1930s. Both in form and materials, Kérame is a modern and technical revisit.

By linking industrial design and craftsmanship, we have found a way to formally evolve the AM.PM collection.

The Kérame range responds to the need for change and renewal, while appealing to the unconscious. This nice mix makes it a modern range, with a commercial dimension.

Ceramics has allowed us to reinterpret codes and highlight human know-how. The lighting fixture’s lampshade is developed in matte-look ceramic, which completes the softness of the curves. The fusion of shapes of the suspension is a remarkable work, of which only ceramics has the secrets!

The range integrates LED, to keep finesse, softness of lighting and energy saving.

Photo credits : La Redoute



Metal, Ceramic, integrated LEDs

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