Inspired by the fairytale world

A little story

I am Isopode, the children’s companion in the discovery of fairy-tale and enchanted forests.
This little mushroom tree becomes magical when it lights up… Isopode tells us his wonderful adventures at dawn and at dusk, when the stars are visible in the sky.

The designer's word


"We were inspired by nature to develop this children's range."

Alexis Requillart

Description of the project

The story of this collaboration is beautiful. In partnership with the AM.PM. brand, we collaborated with the team of the Tomish Design agency, present in our collective “Café Créatif”. Around many workshops, Isopode was born.

The Isopode collection brings nature into the house! Its structure in the shape of a branch and its lampshade in the shape of a of mushroom, bring a lot of sweetness in the children’s world. The electric cable is wrapped around the structure to give a creeper effect, which makes this range fun and playful.

Laser cutting under the shade creates a play of light, organic shapes on the surface. In a poetic and natural universe, the light passes through branches.

All these little details make this range of products, objects that are endearing and reassuring for the child.

Photo credits: La Redoute



Metal, Wood (oak)
Available in two colors (Beige and celadon green)

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