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Comment ça vrac ? Design Epicerie mobile

A little story

“Comment ça vrac?” is a mobile bicycle grocery shop that comes to you by simple request.
Fruits, vegetables and all kinds of bulk produce make up this stall, which is available by reservation or at a fixed point depending on the time of day.

The designer's word


" Rethinking the way we consume and reduce our waste are challenging goals. "

Alexis Requillart

Comment ça vrac ? Design Epicerie mobile

Description of the project

Inspired by the past and brought up to date, it is a simple and practical way to do your shopping on a short circuit. Anxious to green up our production and consumption methods, “Comment ça vrac?” choose organic, local, seasonal and bulk products for less packaging. The aim is to support local producers by promoting sustainable agriculture and facilitating access to organic products for all in a zero-waste approach.
A good way to act for your health while recreating social links.

Today deployed in Lille, this young start-up has approached us with the ambition to spread across France in a short-term.

The studio was involved in the whole reflexion to rethink the tricycle’s box. With a logic of “Better living”, we immediately accepted the challenge. An analysis of the usage scenario allowed us to lay the foundations of the project’s thinking before designing it.

Technical, aesthetic and meaningful, we are delighted to have contributed to this beautiful project.

This project is presented as part of Lille World Design Capital in 2020, in POC’s house “Care”.

The project is currently under development, come back soon to see the result!



Aluminium, wood



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