A little story

We are Julia. Julia is a name from an African tribe, close to the noble values of the land.
Historically nomadic, we were looking for water and sun to grow and develop our community.
Today our tribe is fighting to put nature back in the centre of the cities for the greatest happiness of all!

The designer's word


"It is the union of natural materials that makes these products so unique."

Alexis Requillart

Description of the project

The partnership with an Indian manufacturer, based in Moradabad in the north of India, has allowed us to travel and discover the extent of the possible regarding their know-how.

What a surprise to discover the ceramic part with this goldsmith’s work, not to exploit it seemed unthinkable to us. The idea of mixing ceramics with raffia to create a collection of 4 pots of different sizes came to us from nature.

In the end, Julia resembles a tree with its lower part made of braided raffia and the upper part made of coloured ceramic which becomes majestic. The raffia wraps itself around the lower part of the pot like ivy, which creates a perfect fusion of materials and offers us a unique piece.



Ceramic, Metal, Raphia

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