The table that looks like you

A little story

Mix, the cook who composes according to your desires with regional products!
Concerned about your tastes, he will know how to listen to you and please you.

The designer's word

designer français lille paris bretagne

"Composable, timeless and made in France, MIX has everything, really everything to please!"

Hugo Traforetti

Description of the project

The large choice of glass proposed by GlassVariations led us to create a product that can be composed according to your desires. These tables are unique, because of their dynamic rhythmic and destructured structure.

The reflection of the legs in the glass tops brings a sculptural dimension to the product.

Cut and shaped in the North of France, we have selected several tinted and textured glasses for the tops. As for the legs, made in the south of France, they are meticulously assembled for a guaranteed effect.

Photo credits : M agency



Metal, safety glass

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