The balancing actresses

A little story

I am the bodyguard, the protector of a star you all know: the light.
I protect it, contemplate it, because it is so precious and so beautiful.

The designer's word

designer français lille paris bretagne

"Balance and volume are the key words of this collection."

Hugo Traforetti

Description of the project

The Thestias range is composed of a large transparent glass lampshade,
suspended from a fine structure, creating a play of balance and volume such as to make a Volta mobile.

Its imposing shape is counterbalanced by a play of transparency and lightness with the use of glass. This allows a good cohesion between volume and balance.

In addition to the style, the uniformity of the size of the lampshades allows an optimization of the production costs.

Photo credits: Kingfisher


designer freelance


Metal, clear glass, E27

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