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I am the illusionist who animates your daily life! Like a magic trick, I have fun with the shadows, I deceive your eyes. if you look at me, thanks to a trick that only I have the secret!

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"A nice mix between
industrial design and handicraft"

Alexis Requillart

Description of the project

Our love of traveling has taken us as far as India, where we have developed several partnerships with various manufacturers. North of Delhi, the city of Moradabad, also called “Brass City”, is famous for its know-how in metallurgy. Halfway between industrial design and craftsmanship, the partnership with NODI EXPORTS allows us to develop ranges of products, today distributed all over the world.

WEAVE is the starting point of this collaboration. As its name suggests, this collection is inspired by the braiding of natural materials. Based on this analysis and know-how, we wanted to bring a feeling of braiding through the metal to give it dynamics and softness.

With its diagonal slats, the WEAVE furniture collection brings a graphic play in interiors. Declined in outdoor version for some products, this range is composed of 11 products (table 2 persons, coffee table, chairs, armchair, shelf, wall shelves, TV bench, baskets, column, side table, high stool). The collection is also accompanied by lighting and decoration, available in several colors and finishes.

Nama - Weave Furniture




country of sale

France, Sweden, Germany, Netherlands, Turkey, USA, Uruguay, Saudi Arabia, Australia.

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