The return to naturalness

A little story

In a Scandinavian-style home, a solid wood bed with a caned headboard majestically takes center stage. The minimalist design and clean lines evoke Nordic aesthetics.

The wood’s nuances and the texture of the cane create a warm and timeless ambiance. Each night, it provides peaceful sleep, serving as a reminder of the beauty of simplicity.

The designer's word


"The NONA range is laid bare with its natural materials, such as wood and caning revisited to the taste of the day."

Alexis Requillart

darrow -design

Description of the project

NONA firmly embraces an established trend, blending natural elements with modernity. This product design project was guided by a return to basics, emphasizing the warmth of wood and the art of weaving.

Consisting of 6 pieces for both the living room and bedroom, this furniture collection celebrates the technique of caning, incorporated into every curve. The gracefully curved forms of these pieces bring a touch of softness to your interior. The slightly tapered legs, in harmony with Scandinavian style, imbue the cabinets with finesse and lightness.

With its airy appearance, NONA possesses a unique charm, preserving a hint of mystery that isn’t easily unveiled!

design canning wood



Wood, Classic Caning

country of sale

France, Europe

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