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Évier zen

A modern softness

A little story

I’m different from my friends, who have certainly the “line”, but they all look very similar!
For my part, I’m zen and generous, and you can feel it in my curves… Little brother of the Belfast sink, which has always been considered as the most obese of the family, I care to my line without hiding my shapes!

The designer's word

designer français lille paris bretagne

"Inspired by the Belfast sink, these porcelain sinks remind us of our youth."

Hugo Traforetti

Description of the project

In a world where few new products are created, our thinking has focused on developing a timeless product.
Timeless because of the codes used, calling on our memories with these porcelain sinks in country houses. The style is therefore elegant and gentle.

The curves are present both in the sink itself and on the contour of the basin. The drainboard offers generous lines while incorporating a slight slope to help water run off.
Technical product and universal style so that the Zen sink becomes a timeless product of the collections.

This product is manufactured by Nord Inox (Hauts-de-France), a product 100% made in France.




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