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The genesis
of Studio DARROW

DARROW is the combination of the word “ARROW” with its whole world of precision. The “D” stands for “Design”, because it is the way a product or a living space is designed that gives us emotion. It is the combination of these two universes that offers you a beautiful design: targeted and endearing. Our studio is located in Lille (France), 1 hr from Paris, the nerve centre of Northern Europe.
Whether for the design of a product or a living space, our process is made up of 4 main stages.
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Every creative process starts with a phase of exchange and analysis that allows us to identify the story telling. Your environment (positioning, targets, competitors, products and services, etc.), as well as the opportunities linked to the project (current collections, uses, functions, possible styles, …) will complete the framework of our intervention. The fruit of our exchange coupled with our analysis will allow us to begin the conceptualization phase: an ideas book. For product design, we talk about materials, type of manufacture, sourcing, price, packaging and logistics to be sure that all ideas are “maketable”. For the spaces design, we talk about the scenarizations, the implantation possibilities, with a price and an execution schedule, we assure a “turnkey” experience.  



Because the most innovative ideas come to us when we take a step back! The studio work on 3D modeling for the ideas selected in the ideas book to enable you in a better decision-making process. For living spaces, this stage is essential for maximizing square meters with a tailor-made interior design, integrating respect for norms and standards of open spaces to the public, retails spaces and showrooms. We support you in your choices before launching the “development” phase.
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From a beautiful idea, merging emotion, function and innovation, we produce the technical files compiling all the data for the successful execution of the project. For furniture, all the elements required for production (plans, technical details, finishes, variations and assembly) are combined in a file for your factories or manufacturers. For space design, we combine the architectural changes to the space (layout plan, visuals, administrative procedures, material references) and the management of the manufacture of the elements tailored to the project. As you can see, we take care of the production of the partner(s) until production  or implementation.



Because we are proud of our customers, we do everything we can to contribute to your success. Time-to-market is essential in our business, which is why we guarantee you a rapid deployment for maintain your market position. From idea to deployment, we guide you in your strategic decisions throughout the project lifecycle. Our goal: simplify the creation process for you. Discover the Weave furniture collection displayed as an example.
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Left to right : Hugo Traforetti – Alexis Réquillart

The DARROW team

Launched in 2017, our studio offers its services to national actors and rapidly expands its expertise internationally. DARROW was founded by Hugo TRAFORETTI, who as Head of Design, is driven by the desire to share emotions and make creativity accessible. With over 10 years of experience in the furniture industry, Hugo Traforetti dedicates his time to meetings, briefings, and design. Leveraging his expertise, he has specialized in furniture, lighting, decoration, and commercial space design. To ensure exceptional quality, Hugo collaborates with a talented team that brings complementary expertise. Over the years, his network has grown stronger, expanding our field of expertise and our ability to create unique experiences. This approach is built upon a unique vision, that of Hugo, to evoke emotions through design.
We support brands, manufacturers and publishers from the idea to the warehouse, as well as the corporate, commercial and hospitality markets. Our network of partners allows us to respond quickly to your expectations and to bring ideas to life within a few months.

Café créatif

Café créatif Lille

The DARROW studio is a member
of the "Café Créatif" collective

The DARROW studio is a member of the "Café Créatif" collective

Tailor-made creative team at the service of brands and institutions. Born in May 2017, the Café Créatif is the first creative sharing place of its kind in Lille (north of France). People and expertises brought together in the collective, allows us today to offer you the opportunity to offer a wide range of skills in the fields of design, branding and 3D.
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