Framed softness

A little story

UTO is curious and dreams of travelling! In spite of her deep roots, she wants to get out of the frame and discover the world. Wise and adventurous person, she will not fail to leave her cozy nest at the slightest opportunity!

The designer's word

designer français lille paris bretagne

"We wanted to bring femininity and softness in the industrial style."

Hugo Traforetti

UTO design mobilier DBA

Description of the project

The love of traveling took us as far as India, where we developed several partnerships with various manufacturers. North of Delhi, the city of Moradabad, also known as “Brass City”, is renowned for its know-how in metallurgy. Halfway between industrial design and handicraft, the partnership with DBA Export India allows us to develop product lines now distributed in Europe. The UTO furniture collection reinterprets the codes of industrial and workshop furniture. Our interpretation of style is a natural evolution of the codes, making these products accessible to all. Being as close as possible to the production tool allows us to make the most of the opportunities. Whether it is the control of production costs, the choice of materials or processes that meet our stylistic requirements, the factory is a real playground for us!



Metal (epoxy), Mangier or Solid Oak

country of sale

France, Netherlands.

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